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Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is simple. We do not, and will not at any time now or in the future, redistribute any information of yours that we collect. This includes any information collected from Steam or Stripe such as Steam ID, the games you play, your inventory, any other profile information that is gathered, or any Stripe account access token and account details. Except in the event a user wrongfully chargebacks, we may forward your ID verification and account data over to your bank & our legal representative that handles our chargeback disputes.


Credit cards will never touch the SkinXchange servers. All credit card processing is handled through and you can read more about their security  here.


At no point will SkinXchange ask for your Steam login credentials. All data that we require from Steam will be gathered by connecting your Steam account through Steam Connect, which allows us to retrieve that information to send trade requests to your account.


Any personal information gathered such as name, email, phone will never be redistributed to anyone else. We keep ALL of your information private.


We may use your contact information for notification purposes only. Such as sales you've made, current promotions, etc. We will not spam you with unrelated content.